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How to set value to form fields, so you can use one form on different pages?

It's very easy! You can just simply pass variable using URL. Please remember varaible/value must be url encoded.

Here are the steps:

  1. Find the ID of a field, you can get it by either viewing html source of your form, or inspecting the field element, or seeing it when you creating form.
  2. Then set your link with format like this: form.html?ID1=value1&ID2=value2&ID3=value3
  3. Test your link

Demo 1: original form, without any URL variables

Demo 2: Pre-select an option from a dropdown

Demo 3: Pre-select an option from a dropdown, and preset comments
URL: form.html?f7=Customer+Support&f3=Hello+Support,+I+need+your+help!

Demo 4: Set checked to checkboxes and radio buttons
URL: form.html?&f4[]=O1&f4[]=O3&f5[]=O3

Demo 5: Set checked to image checkboxes and image radio buttons
URL: form.html?&f8[]=Cutie1&f8[]=Cutie3&f9[]=Option+2