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How to save jquery form data to MySQL database?

To save form data to MySQL database, you will have access to a MySQL database. JQuery form DOES NOT magically create database and table for you.

Here are the steps:

  1. Create database and table, skip this step if you already have access to a mysql database.
    CREATE DATABASE form2db;
    CREATE TABLE `demo` (
        `id` INT(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL auto_increment,
        `name` TINYTEXT NULL,
        `comments` TEXT NULL,
        `email` VARCHAR(100) NULL DEFAULT NULL,
        `AutoID` varchar(64) NULL DEFAULT NULL,
        `HTTP_HOST` varchar(255) NULL DEFAULT NULL,
        `IP` varchar(15) NULL DEFAULT NULL,
        `Date` varchar(16) NULL DEFAULT NULL,
        `Time` varchar(16) NULL DEFAULT NULL,
        `HTTP_REFERER` text,
        PRIMARY KEY (`id`)
    GRANT ALL ON form2db.* TO 'form2db_user'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'form2db_pass';
    flush privileges;	
  2. On tab "Settings > Admin Panel", check the option "Save data to database". It will include form.db.php in your download. Unzip your download file to a folder, use text editor to open form.db.php, enter your mysql configration to $db, $table, and $fieldMap sections.
    class Form2DB {
        // mysql
        private $db = array(
            'host'    => '',
            'db'      => 'form2db',
            'user'    => 'form2db_user',
            'pass'    => 'form2db_pass',
            'charset' => 'utf8',    
        private $table = 'demo';
        define the mapping between form field IDs and table columns
        private $fieldMap = array(
            // formFieldID => columnName
            'f1'           => 'name',
            'f2'           => 'email',
            'f3'           => 'comments',
            'AutoID'       => 'AutoID',
            'HTTP_HOST'    => 'HTTP_HOST',
            'IP'           => 'IP',
            'Date'         => 'Date',
            'Time'         => 'Time',
            'HTTP_REFERER' => 'HTTP_REFERER',
    See screenshot below.
  3. Test your form, if mysql config is correct in form.db.php, then you should be able to see the form data being saved to database. See screenshot below.